"Criticism may not be agreeable, but it is necessary. It fulfills the same function as pain in the human body. It calls attention to an unhealthy state of things.”  Sir Winston Churchill .


Amma is an Indian woman who pretends to be an incarnation of a God.
She presents herself in the best Hindu way as such, with a crown on her head and a self-staging suitable for this role.
Many of her disciples therefore see Amma as a god.
Amma says that compassion can not be taught to others.

So we can understand that Jesus and Buddha and all the other great teachers were just amateurs, who did not have the correct understanding, as Amma - since they thought they could learn compassion, to others. 
The Buddha taught : 
"With a boundless heart should one cherish all living beings".

Jesus taught : "But I say to you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you"

Would they have said so if Ammas words were true, and compassion couldn't be taught to others ?
Nelson Mandela the former president of south Africa, said wisely  :
"If people can learn to hate they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite". 

So it is probably wise that Amma usually limits herself to hugging her disciples  - since such verbal nonsense, is the result of her "philosophical" considerations . 

Learning compassion is a quite simple and easily comprehensible case, in all major religions. 

Amma's organization writes on their website, that Amma has invented a new form of meditation which they have patented. 

"IAM - Integrated Amrita Meditation Technique ® is a registered trademark in order to preserve the original form of meditation designed and developed by Amma and to prevent misuse by unauthorized and unqualified teachers." 

I belive it has never ever happened before, that a religious teacher or organization, has tried to buy and own, a spiritual technique. 

At least it's never done, by any TRUE teacher. 

It's common greed and very sad, to see religion being run as capitalist industry. 

If someone try to buy and own spirituality or spiritual techniques as a piece of land in the physical world, it is an sure sign that they have not achieved real spirituality, but live as slaves of the material world. 

The whole purpose of true spiritual life is to getting rid of the burden of the material world - but here they seek not freedom but more property. 

They explain on the website: 

"Practicing this meditation technique provides greater clarity and insight which opens up to creativity and awareness throughout the day. Moreover, increased energy levels and meditation technique helps to reduce tension, thereby improving the mental and physical health." 

Which not in any way differ from results in normal meditation. 

Despite these perfectly normal and in no way spectacular results of the Amma meditation, they anyway belive it is necessary to patent their "product". 

When patenting something, one reason is that you want to own - another reason is a fear of loosing  it. 

From this action we can see that not alone is desire and greed part of Ammas mind, there is also fear.  

People who are true spiritual, is not afraid of losing anything - and they do not bind themselves to anything in this world, simply because they have no desires.  

Amma says to her students: 

"When you go on a trip, you carry your bags to the station, once on the train you seen dem down and relax. If you have the faith in the supreme, place all your luggage to Gods feet, and easily good take care of it ". 

But she herself does not have the same confidence in God as she preaches, and is therefore obliged to patent, to protect what she sees as his property. 

Amma therefore does not take refuge in the divine, but in ownership, patents and Lawyers.   

Buddha said: Everything in this world is perishable, cling to nothing. 

Jesus said: Do not build house in this world. 

Amma's actions says: Let's patent and own. 

Human words can lie, but the truth can often be read, out by their actions. 
Many of Amma's faithful believers see the fact that Amma has donated many millions to charity, as proof of her holiness.
But when someone receive hundreds of millions in donations, its not a problem to give 50 to the poor, or build a hospital or two.
The true name for this is not charity, but business, because its function is to make sure the donations, keep coming.

Amma's organization is a Hindu organization, but they as other Hindu organizations, try to open the door to many potential devotees in the West, by calling themself anything but Hindus. 

In Denmark we have another group of Hindus who also wont admit that they are Hindus, instead calling themselves "The universal religion" and get people into the fold by making them believe that here are all religions "equally good" which of course is pure deception. 

Amma says therefore, at the same manipulative level as the "universal" Hindus, that her religion is love, which of course is a safe "universal" thing to say, as it does not frighten Westerners in need of a mother figure.  

Yes ... they are really talented and enterprising people, those Hindus. 

Had the sect instead said publicly, that their religion was Hinduism and their teacher was an earthly manifestation of Kali, the Hindu goddess of death and destruction, it may well be that there would have been  longer between the customers. 

Then it sells much better, to talk about love.  

Had Amma been able to patent love, we can be sure that she had done that too.  

Hinduism is a religion that contains the obnoxious belief that man is born with good or bad qualities, depending on the family and social class they are born into.  

It create a class divided society where the highest social classes look down on the lowest and regard them as unclean. 

Hinduism is based upon a primitive and logically totally impossible faith, in a loving and all-powerful creator who has created this world with so much suffering and pain. 



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